Terms and Conditions

FinAccelerate Terms and Conditions
Rev. February 22, 2023

FinAccelerate is a program that connects stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem and the legal sector to drive networking and collaboration among its stakeholders. This FinAccelerate website and other digital platforms are operated by Jones Day (collectively, the "Site"). References to "FinAccelerate," including "we," "us" and "our," are to Jones Day. More information regarding Jones Day can be found on our website, www.jonesday.com.

By using the Site or by registering to attend or attending FinAccelerate program(s), you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions ("Terms") in full. These Terms constitute a binding agreement between you and us. Do not access or use the Site or register or attend FinAccelerate program(s) if you do not accept these Terms.

General Information, Terms of Use

These Terms apply to any and all access or use of the Site including any access or use of any element or content on or from the Site. You must be 18 years of age or older to access or use the Site, or register to attend FinAccelerate programs. Also, we do not collect any information from any person under the age of 13, and reserve the right to delete any information provided to us relating to a person under the age of 13.

Revisions to Terms

FinAccelerate and Jones Day reserve the right to revise in any way these Terms or the content of the Site or information made available to you at FinAccelerate program(s). Revisions to these Terms will take immediate effect upon publication. Continued use of the Site or registration or attendance at FinAccelerate program(s) following any revision of these Terms shall constitute and be deemed to constitute your binding acceptance of such revisions.

You agree that we shall not be liable to you or any other third parties for the termination, suspension or revision of the content of the Site or FinAccelerate or the information accessible at or through any FinAccelerate program(s).


The content on the Site and any information made available to you at FinAccelerate program(s) (including orally, in written or electronic form, or in any other way) are provided in good faith on an "as is" basis for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice (nor are they a substitute for such). The information available on the FinAccelerate website and through FinAccelerate program(s) is believed to be current as of the date of the preparation, but information in this changing industry can rapidly become out of date. If you rely on any information available on the Site or through FinAccelerate program(s), you must do so wholly at your own risk and based on your own assessment of the information. Do not take any actions based on information found on the Site or made available to you at FinAccelerate program(s) without seeking legal or other relevant professional advice.

Jones Day makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness, comprehensiveness, or accuracy of the information, services, and other content contained on the Site or made available to you at FinAccelerate prpogram(s). We may, from time to time, change or add content and other information to the Site without notice. We cannot guarantee that the Site, content of the Site, or the information provided to you at FinAccelerate program(s) will always be current, correct, or accurate, or free of error, defect, or viruses.

Jones Day will not be liable to you or anyone else in the event of inaccuracies or errors in the information on the Site or the information made available to you at FinAccelerate program(s) or if that information is not up to date or in the program of any viruses on this or any linked website. In addition, Jones Day is not liable to you or anyone else for any interference with or damage to your computer systems that may occur in connection with use of or connecting to the Site or a linked website, or for any data lost or any equipment or software replaced by you as a result of you using the Site or attending FinAccelerate program(s). You must take your own precautions to ensure that whatever you select for your use from the Site or from FinAccelerate program(s) is free of viruses or any other malicious code that may interfere with or damage the operations of your computer systems.

Furthermore, to the fullest extent permitted by law, neither FinAccelerate nor Jones Day shall be directly or indirectly liable in contract, tort, equity, or otherwise for any damage whatsoever in connection with this or any linked website, any FinAccelerate program(s) or any use of content provided on the Site or any linked website or via FinAccelerate program(s), including any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage, and any damage sounding in loss of profits, interest, data, business revenue, anticipated savings, business, or goodwill.

All representations, warranties (including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose), and guarantees are excluded to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law.

This general disclaimer is not restricted or modified by any specific warnings and disclaimers elsewhere on the Site applicable to the use of the Site and to FinAccelerate program(s).

Information Regarding Legal Matters, Our Relationship to You

Any information provided to you on the Site or at FinAccelerate program(s) regarding legal matters are for general informational purposes only and should not be considered or construed as legal advice regarding your individual circumstances or matter, and you agree not to assert otherwise.

In addition, you expressly acknowledge that, to the extent that you convey or otherwise provide information in registering for or at or in connection with any FinAccelerate program(s), doing so does not and will not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Jones Day, and shall not be used as a basis to seek to disqualify Jones Day from representing any Jones Day client in any matter, present or future. Should you wish to seek to retain Jones Day at a future time, Jones Day will conduct an appropriate intake evaluation (including an investigation of any professional responsibility issues), and any retention will occur only following that evaluation and an appropriate acceptance and acknowledgement of any retention in writing in the form of an agreed-to engagement letter.

Because, as noted above, your registration for or attendance at any FinAccelerate program(s) does not create an attorney-client relationship between Jones Day and you, and to the extent you are not otherwise a Jones Day client (in which the case the terms of our relationship are reflected in appropriate engagement letters with you), you understand that Jones Day may currently be representing one or more clients adverse to you and, further, that Jones Day remains free to represent clients adverse to you in the future, in each case without notice to or consent by you.

FinAccelerate Program(s)

Individuals, groups, or companies looking to participate in FinAccelerate program(s) are required to register in advance.

By registering or attending FinAccelerate program(s), and as noted above, Jones Day is not entering into any attorney-client relationship with you; nor are we entering into any other relationship with you and we therefore do not owe any fiduciary or other duties to you in connection with FinAccelerate program(s). We do not represent, warrant, covenant, guarantee, or promise any specific results from your attendance at FinAccelerate program(s). Nor is FinAccelerate or Jones Day making any recommendation to you to participate in any investment, joint venture, or other commercial transaction or otherwise enter into any relationship with any other participants at FinAccelerate program(s).

In the unlikely eventuality that any of our FinAccelerate program(s) have to be cancelled or postponed for any reason, you agree that we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by you as an attendee or in anticipation of being an attendee at the program. Further, the nature, substance, extent, timing, and location of any programming is subject to change without notice in Jones Day's sole discretion. Your use of this website, registration, or attendance at FinAccelerate program(s) does not create or convey any rights to you regarding the nature or existence of future FinAccelerate programming, content, or program(s), nor does Jones Day undertake any obligation or commitment with respect to the anticipated or potential future programming, content, or program(s).

Please note that Jones Day may take photographs and footage at FinAccelerate program(s). We may use them for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website, and in social media or in any third-party publication. Please contact us if you have any concerns, or if you wish to be exempted from this.

We do not accept responsibility and expressly reject and exclude liability to the fullest extent permitted by law for all of the following:

  • Any loss or damage to any personal property whether left unattended or not during FinAccelerate program(s); or
  • Death or any personal injury suffered by you at FinAccelerate program(s).

We will review all registration and application forms and will discuss internally the profiles of the applicants for the purpose of finalizing the list of participants of FinAccelerate program(s). Registration does not constitute automatic acceptance at a FinAccelerate program(s). Acceptance of an applicant to participate in FinAccelerate program(s) is in the sole discretion of FinAccelerate and Jones Day. Any business or other proprietary information you share in your registration or application will not be considered confidential.

We anticipate that FinAccelerate program(s) will include opportunities for you to present regarding your business to other participants. No information shared by you at an program will be kept confidential, and you should refrain from disclosing any information at FinAccelerate program(s) that you may consider to be confidential or proprietary. Participants at FinAccelerate program(s) are generally expected to present regarding their business to other attendees at the program but are not required to do so.


Any personal information or data you submit to us in connection with your use of the Site or registration to FinAccelerate program(s) will be processed as described in our Privacy Policy. Because you are submitting your personal information or data through the internet, we cannot guarantee that such information will be fully secure. Hence, we shall not be liable for any system violations or interception of our transmission to us on the Site.

Intellectual Property

All rights in the Site and the content on the Site, and all rights in the information made available to you at FinAccelerate program(s), including copyright, design rights, patents, inventions, know-how, database rights, trademarks, source codes, and any other intellectual property rights in any of the foregoing, are reserved to Jones Day and/or their content and technology providers. All such rights are reserved by Jones Day and/or its content and technology providers.

You are provided with access to the Site and are invited to apply to attend FinAccelerate program(s) only for your personal, noncommercial use, but you may draw the attention of others within your organization to the content thereunder. Other than for these permitted purposes, without our prior written permission you may not in any form or by any means:

  • Adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, transmit, print, display, perform, publish, or create derivative works from any part of the Site or any materials we provide at FinAccelerate program(s); or
  • Commercialize any information, products, or services obtained from any part of the Site or provided to you at FinAccelerate program(s).

All trade names, trademarks, service marks, and other product or service names and logos (the "Marks") displayed on the Site and FinAccelerate program(s) are proprietary to their respective owners and are protected by applicable trademark and copyright laws. These Marks may be registered or unregistered marks of Jones Day or others.

Nothing contained on the Site or provided to you at FinAccelerate program(s) should be construed as granting any license or right of use to any intellectual property of Jones Day, any other person, or entity, including but not limited to their trademarks displayed on the Site or any materials displayed or made available at FinAccelerate program(s) without their express prior written permission.

You may not remove, change, or obscure the Jones Day logo or FinAccelerate logo or any notices of proprietary rights on any content of the Site and of FinAccelerate. Our status (and that of any contributors identified) as the authors of content on the Site or FinAccelerate must always be acknowledged.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Jones Day, along with our partners, employees, and agents or other related persons from and against any claims, actions, or demands (including the cost of defending or settling any action, claim, or demand, which may include without limitation reasonable legal and other professional fees), alleging or resulting or arising from: (i) your use of the Site and any content provided at FinAccelerate program(s) in any way; (ii) your representation that you attended or were accepted to attend FinAccelerate program(s); (iii) your use of any content from a third party accessible or available on the Site or at FinAccelerate program(s) in any way; (iv) arising out of a failure by you or by any person using your rights to access the Site (whether or not you have authorized that person to do so) to comply with these Terms; or (v) any bodily injury or property damage caused by you at FinAccelerate program(s). We shall provide notice to you of any such claim, suit, or proceeding.


The Site and the content published on the Site may contain links to other third-party websites solely for your convenience. These Terms and our Privacy Policy do not apply to such third-party websites. Such third-party websites may have their own terms of use and privacy policies that apply to your use of the third-party website. We encourage you to review those terms of use and privacy policy before interacting with such third-party websites.

We are not responsible for the operation of such third-party websites, or their content. We do not endorse, recommend, or approve of any information, products, or services referred to on such linked third-party websites, and we do not assume any responsibility for the contents of any third-party website to which the Site offers links, or to which the information made available at FinAccelerate program(s) refers. Your use of any link to a third-party website is entirely at your own risk.

You may not link the homepage or any other parts of the Site without prior written consent from Jones Day.

Commercial Electronic Messages

If you elect to receive marketing communications from us when you register to attend FinAccelerate program(s), you consent to the receipt of commercial electronic messages (including messages about FinAccelerate program(s) or Jones Day products and services and the products and services of third parties) to electronic addresses that you have provided or for which you or your employer (or your employer's related bodies corporate) are the relevant electronic account holder.


Jones Day reserves the right to terminate your registration or right to attend FinAccelerate program(s), with or without notice, for any reason and at any time.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect under the law of any jurisdiction:

  • The validity, legality, and enforceability under the law of that jurisdiction of any other provision; and
  • The validity, legality, and enforceability under the law of any other jurisdiction of that or any other provision, shall not be affected or impaired in any way thereby.

These Terms and Conditions and any dispute, controversy, proceedings, or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with New York law (without regard to its conflict-of-law provisions), and the courts of New York shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between us relating to these Terms and Conditions.