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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to give up any equity in our fintech company in order to participate? Is there any charge for applying or participating in the program?

NO, you don’t give up any equity, and there are no charges. You are, however, responsible for your own travel, expenses, and visas (if applicable). Food is provided during the program sessions.

What are the program terms with respect to confidential information, privacy, and conflicts?

Please see the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in full. Please note that you should not disclose any confidential or proprietary information during the program.

Our fintech has team members who work for one of the participating organizations or with an advisor/influencer of the program. Are we still eligible?

Please disclose your affiliation in your application.

Do you have a preference for companies that have a legal focus?

NO. We are seeking quality fintech companies, and we do not have any sector preference or limitation around that.

Is the program open to companies outside of the United States?

YES. You must, however, obtain your own applicable visa and be legally eligible to participate in the program in the United States. We do not sponsor visas.

Does our fintech have to be at any particular stage of development or have raised a certain amount of funds in order to be eligible?

NO, we consider applicants at all stages. We are seeking innovation and quality regardless of stage or funding.

How much time do we have to commit to be part of the program in the Bay Area?

You will need to have representatives of your company present for the four key days of the program and must present your company in a very short and punchy presentation on the demo day.

What is the key seletion criteria?

There are three (3) key criteria we look for:

  1. Quality of team;
  2. Quality of technology; and
  3. Quality of innovation.